Lots Appeal

Power Washing

At Lots Appeal, we utilize self-contained hot water pressure washing units and use only biodegradable, “green” chemicals that are proven to be environmentally safe

Benefits of Power Washing

The difference between a property utilizing regular power washing services and one that isn’t is quite stark. Power washing keeps the sidewalks and parking lot looking fresh and clean, and removes the disgusting buildup of dirt, grease, grime, gum, and other trash and debris.

Power Washing Schedule

We are happy to tailor a power washing schedule that meets your needs and budget. We offer power washing monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually, or on a custom schedule. We recommend having your property power washed either monthly or quarterly, as this prevents the buildup of dirt, grease, and grime from becoming difficult to remove and results in a more efficient service.

Additional Power Washing Services

Awning & High Work Cleaning

  • Awnings and hard-to-reach high places begin to look worn and shoddy from constant exposure to weather and dust
  • Our power washing technicians are thoroughly trained in high work cleaning of building facades and awnings
  • We are OSHA compliant and utilize fall protection at all times
Grease Removal & Dumpster Enclosure Cleaning

  • We provide grease removal from traps and thorough cleaning of dumpster enclosure areas
  • This necessary service prevents pest breeding and unfriendly odors to ensure your customers experience a lovely environment

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