Synergy Restore


Synergy Restore is a certified professional installer of Pipe Burst Pro and provides 24/7 emergency response for storm and water cleanup and drying.

The goal of Synergy Restore is to restore a property to a better condition than before it experienced damage. Our professional restoration experts work with water loss issues, boarding up units, parking lot damage, trash or debris removal, and have the ability to secure vacant spaces quickly and efficiently.

Water Restoration

Synergy Restore offers efficient water cleanup and drying whether from storm damage or other water-related issues.

Licensed Lead-Based Paint Renovator

In 1978, the Federal Government banned the use of lead-based paint for consumers because of the danger related to lead poisoning. If your building was built before 1978, there’s a high probability that lead-based paint was used on your walls even if it’s hidden under layers of newer paint. Underneath layers of paint, lead poisoning can still occur – especially if the newer paint is in bad shape or the lead-based paint is deteriorating.

Synergy Restore is a licensed lead-based paint renovator in the State of Georgia.


Emergency Services

At Synergy Restore, our services are designed to be effective and efficient in the case of emergencies

Whether you’re dealing with an emergency water situation from storm or plumbing failure or incapacitating damage to your building or parking lot, call us twenty-four hours a day for emergency restoration services.

PipeBurst Pro

At home or at work, trust PipeBurst Pro to give you peace of mind 24/7.

Synergy Restore is a certified installer for PipeBurst Pro, an automatic water protection system that protects your business or home by detecting leaks and shutting off water sources. At your place of business, this automatic, rapidly deploying leak control system protects important computer documents, such as employee files, legal contracts, and project archives. It also protects the expensive drives and servers where documents are stored, not to mention other valuable equipment on your property.

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